1964 The Technological Society (Knopf; trans. John Wilkerson)
     Freedom through Reading Good Books Well (pp. 40-41)

1967 The Political Illusion (Knopf; trans. Konrad Kellen)
     Four Levels of Democracy

1970 The Meaning of the City (Eerdmans; trans. Dennis Pardee)
     Cain: First Builder of Cities (Genesis 4:1-17) (pp. 1-9)
     The City: Nimrod to Babel (pp. 9-20)
     The City: Abraham to Moses (pp. 23-27)
     Jericho (pp. 27-30)
     Solomon: First Israelite Builder of Cities (pp. 30-33)
     Rehoboam and the Vanity of Cities and Sons (pp. 33-36)
     Babylon: Infernal Power with No Future (pp. 44-55)
     Sodom: The City Condemned (pp. 62-66)
     Nineveh: The City Repentant (pp. 66-71)
     Christian Witness to the City (pp. 72-85)
     Cities of Refuge (pp. 90-94)
     Jerusalem: Olympian City Becomes Righteous Too (pp. 94-96)
     Babylon: Quintessential City
     Babylon: Chosen City
     Jerusalem as Eschatological City (pp. 107-112)
     Jesus in the City (pp. 113-124)
     Jesus and the Crowd (pp. 124-129)
     Jesus as Our Liberator from the Crowd (pp. 129-135)
     Jesus Replaces Jerusalem (pp. 135-147)
     The City as Parasite (pp. 147-158)
     The City as Our Future (pp. 158-163)

1971 The Judgment of Jonah (Eerdmans; trans. Geoffrey Bromiley)
     Yahweh's Call (Jonah 1:1-2)
     Running away from Yahweh (Jonah 1:3-6)
     Taking Responsibility (Jonah 1:7-17)

1975 The New Demons (Seabury Press; trans. C. Edward Hopkin)
     What Living in a Post-Christian Society Means (18-28)
     One Method for Discerning Today's Most Popular Yet Least Recognized Religion (pp. 46-47)
     Functions and Forms of the Sacred 
     Today's Sacred: Technology and Sex (pp. 71-79)
     Today's Second Sacred Pair: Nation-State and Revolution or Politics and War? (pp. 80-85)
     Today's Third Sacred Pair: Money and Consumption (pp. 70-72)
     The Grand Narrative: The Importance of Myth Today (p. 96f.)
     Signs That Religion Is Alive and Well in our Post-Christian Society (135-152)
     Today's Post-Christian Political Religion Adopts Christian Forms (171-189)
     Why We Christians Mistakenly Worship Jupiter Instead of Jesus Today (199-208)
     Christianity Mistakenly Trying to Beat Olympianity by Becoming More Like It (pp. 209-222)
     Overcoming Evil with Good: Jesus Freeing Us from Today's Gods, Myths, and Religion (222-228)

1976 The Ethics of Freedom (Eerdmans; trans. Geoffrey Bromiley)
     The First Temptation: Reality Matters Most (Luke 4:1-4)
     The Second Temptation: Controlling Reality Matters Most (Luke 4:5-8)
     The Third Temptation: Controlling Even God Matters Most (Luke 4:9-13)
     The Unbearable Challenge of Freedom (Exodus 16:1-3) (pp. 91-94)
     Dying Churches: Olympian Works vs. Christian Fruit (pp. 108-112)

1977 Hope in Time of Abandonment (Seabury Press; trans. C. Edward Hopkin)
     Olympian Churches, Prophetic Responses (p. 135)

1978 The Betrayal of the West (Seabury Press; trans. Matthew J. O'Connell)
     Western Technological Development to 1648

1980 The Technological System (Continuum; trans. Joachim Neugroschel)
     Turns out Current Equality Is Obedience to Vulcan Not Jesus (pp. 51-75)

1981 Perspectives on Our Age (Seabury Press; trans. Joachim Neugroschel)
     Why Today's Technological Phenomenon Started in the 1700s (pp. 41-42)
     Devotion to Vulcan and Its Consequences (pp. 42-44)
     Devotion to Vulcan Brought Changes in Class Structure (pp. 45-46)
     Technology: Conformity and Compensation (pp. 48-55)
     Our Three Overlapping Contexts: Creation, Society, and Technology (pp. 59-84)
     The Global Technological System: Uncontrollable and Incomprehensible (pp. 63-67)
     The Global Technological System: The Parasite Is Killing Us (pp. 69-77)
     Today's Greatest Source of Power (pp.78-80)

1984 Money and Power (Inter-Varsity Press; trans. LaVonne Neff)
     Is Money a Personal or Systemic Problem? (pp. 9-31)
     The Challenge of Money in the Old Testament: Job (pp. 39-40)
     The Challenge of Money in the Old Testament: Solomon (pp. 41-43)
     Righteousness and Riches as Gifts of God (pp. 43-45)
     Ways Pluto Tempts Us to Ignore Then Deny Jesus (pp. 47-48)
     Pluto's Impact on Our Relationship with God
     The Poor

1985 The Humiliation of the Word (Eerdmans; trans. Joyce Main Hanks)
     Freedom from Collapsing Global Technological System Starts with Repudiating Its 1648 Roots

1986 The Subversion of Christianity (Eerdmans; trans. Geoffrey Bromiley)
     Our Worst Nightmare: Olympianity Victorious in the Church (pp. 3-8)
     Freedom from Pluto and Jupiter (pp. 13-14)
     Freedom from Religion and Morality! (pp. 14-17)
     Christian Anarchism vs. Olympian Powers (pp. 20-22)
     Subversion through Olympian Ways of Thinking (pp. 23-26)
     Subversion through Success (pp. 32-33)
     Church: Quantitatively Olympian or Qualitatively Christian? (pp. 35-37)
     Early Church: Freedom or Ritual and Morality? (pp. 37-38)
     Christian Freedom Becomes Olympian Civilization (pp. 39-41)
     Christian Freedom Subverted through Olympian Success (pp. 41-43)
     With All Our Mind: Thinking Paradoxically (pp. 43-44)
     Subversion through Success: An Obsession with Unity (pp. 47-48)
     Olympianity as Religion and Sacred World (pp. 57-60)
     Witness to Jesus Becomes Christianity (pp. 62-67)