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The Bible: Old and New Testaments
Delighting in the Biblical Narrative and Finding Our Place in It (Part 1)
Delighting in the Biblical Narrative and Finding Our Place in It (Part 2)
Delighting in the Biblical Narrative (3): Angels
Delighting in the Biblical Narrative (4): Satan, the Devil, and Demons
Delighting in the Biblical Narrative (5): Biblical Cosmology
Once upon a Time
Once upon a Time (annotated)

The Old Testament

1-2 Creation as Ordered Good
1:1-31 Creation as Perfect Context through Limits
   Respecting Vital Limits: Other Species and Their Habitats
   First Step away from Electricity: Abandoning the Gods for Jesus
   Vital Limit: Carrying Capacity
   Vital Limit: Solar Income
3 Our Good Creation and Evil Break with God
   Powers of Evil: Not God, Not Creatures, Just Absurd
   Powers of Evil: Evil Parodies of the Trinity
   Powers of Evil: Ends and Means
4 Yahweh vs. Vulcan: Cain
   Cain: First Builder of Cities
9:18-11:9 The City: Nimrod to Babel
12-39 The City: Abraham to Moses
12 God's Response to Our Break with Him
18-19 Sodom: The City Condemned

1-15 Yahweh vs. Jupiter: Moses vs. Ramses
3:13-15 What's in a Name?
              Names of God in the Old and New Testaments
16:1-3 The Unbearable Challenge of Freedom
20:2-3 Yahweh: Liberator not Tyrant
20:8 Wondrous Time

25:8-55 Yahweh vs. Pluto: Jubilee

35:9-15 Cities of Refuge (cf. Deuteronomy 19:10, Joshua 20:1-9, Matthew 5:21-22)

6:4-12 Meaningfully Remembering Yahweh
30:15-20 Truth and Life, Choose Life

1:5-9 Be Strong and Courageous
3-6 Jericho (Exodus 12-14, 1 Kings 16-19)

2 Strange Behavior Then and Now
6:1-24 The Call of Gideon: Surprising Words
6:25-35 The Call of Gideon: Unexpected Adventures
6:36-7:23 The Call of Gideon: Startling Leadership, Stunning Reversals
7 Yahweh vs. Mars: Gideon vs. Midianites

1 Fierce Loyalty

29: 7, 11-17 Job as Faithful Witness

1:1-2 The Importance of Daily Bible Reading 
2 Olympians Rage in Vain
12 Pluto's Smile, Yahweh's Plan
88 Gethsemane: Three Aspects of Death
90:10-12 Making Each Day Densely Meaningful
96 Hallowing God's Name in Song
98 Being a People of Hope
130 Waiting in Hope as Forgiven Sinners

9:7-10, 11:13 Attitude of Gratitude

14:4-23 Babylon: Quintessential City
43:12-15 Accurate Predictions
43:19 Yahweh: The Always Unexpectedly New

7:3-11 When Going to Church Is Good but Not Enough
25-27 Babylon: Chosen City (to punish Jerusalem; cf. Isaiah 47:1-10)
7:7-9 Gone!

1:1-2 Yahweh's Call
1:3-6 Running away from Yahweh
1:7-17 Taking Responsibility
3 Nineveh: The City Repentant (cf. Nahum 3:1-5)

3:9-10 Jerusalem: Olympian City Becomes Righteous Too (cf. Jeremiah 21:8-10, 33:7-9; Ezekiel 16:20-21, 48-51)

1 Maccabees
Jerusalem as Eschatological City

The New Testament

5:3-6 Sermon on the Mount: First Four Beatitudes
9:35-38 Jesus and the Crowd (cf. Matthew 4:23-25; 11:7-9, 16-19; Mark 5:36-40)
   Jesus as Our Liberator from the Crowd 
   The City as Parasite
10 On a Mission
10:14-23 Christian Witness to the City
11:20-24 Jesus in the City (cf. Matthew 2:1-18, Luke 9:57-58)
11:25-30 True Wisdom? Two Schools of Thought
12:15 Healing



2:19-21 Jesus Replaces Jerusalem (cf. Matthew 23:37-39, 24:1-2; Luke 13:33-3, 21:20-22; 19:41-44; Revelation 11:7-8)

1 Corinthians

5:1 Freedom vs. Moralism
5:16-26 Holy Spirit, Olympian Flesh
5:22-23 Dying Churches: Olympian Works, Christian Fruit

1:27, 2:12-13 Setting Standards of Excellence for Christian Discipleship
2:5-8 Close Identification Brings Fullness of Life

2 Thessalonians
2:1-10 False Saviors and Final Rebellions