Thursday, October 20, 2022

Olympian Climate

We will use three criteria for classifying climate:
     temperature (cold, cool, warm, hot)
     humidity (humid, semihumid, semiarid, arid)
     precipitation (frequency and quantity)
          frequency: seasonal or year-round,
          quantity: wet, semiwet, semidry, dry

Our fabled land of Olympia has five climates. Of those five, most Olympian provinces have a temperate climate either oceanic or terrestrial. Around the Mediterranean, hot dry summers and warm winters are common. A semi-arid climate is found in southeastern Olympia. Only Egypt is wholly arid. In more detail:

1. Temperate oceanic: northwestern Olympia; that is, those Olympian provinces influenced by the Atlantic Ocean: Celtic Isles, Gallia, and western Germania, certainly, but even Jutland and coastal Viken.
temperature: warm summers, cool winters
humidity: semihumid
precipitation: semiwet with rain year-round

2. Temperate terrestrial: northeastern Olympia; that is, eastern Scandia (Götaland, Finlandia, Livonia), eastern Germania, Polonia, Dacia, and northern Slavia (north of a line stretching from Odessa on the Black Sea to Saratov on the Volga River).
temperature: four distinct seasons with hot summers and cold winters
humidity: humid
precipitation: semiwet, year-round

3. Mediterranean: basically, the Mediterranean coast (with the exception of eastern Numidia and Egypt); in detail: Iberia, western Numidia (northern ranges of the Atlas Mountains), Noricum (south of the Alps), Latium, Hellas (south of the Rhodope Mountains), coastal Anatolia, and the Levant.
temperature: hot summers and warm winters
humidity: semihumid
precipitation: semiwet, seasonal (dry summers)

4. Semiarid: mostly southeastern Olympia; in detail, southeastern Slavia, Caucasia, and interior Anatolia, but also western Numidia (southern ranges of the Atlas Mountains).
temperature: four distinct seasons with hot summers and cold winters
humidity: semihumid
precipitation: semidry, year-round

5. Desert: Egypt.
temperature: hot
humidity: arid
precipitation: dry

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