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All or parts of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey lie within the geocultural province of Caucasia.

North: Kuban River from the city of Cherkessk in the Caucasian Mountains flowing north then west to the Azov Sea near the Kerch Strait, Kuma River from point nearest city of Cherkessk flowing north than east to Caspian Sea.

To the north: Slavia.
East: Caspian Sea from mouth of Kuma River south to mouth of Kura River.

To the east: Incognito (Asia).
South: Mouth of Kura River on Caspian Sea northwest to Aras (Araxes) River tributary then Aras River west to near Euphrates River tributary Karasu River at Erzurum (Turkey).

South of Caucasia: Incognito (Persia).
West: Coruh River near Erzurum north to mouth on Black Sea near Batumi (Georgia), north along Black Sea Coast through Kerch Strait to mouth of Kuban River on Sea of Azov.

To the west: Anatolia and the Black Sea.
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