Wednesday, September 7, 2022


The Latin Christian civil war, the response of Jupiter and Mars to the Protestant Reformation, brought an end to Latin Christendom in 1648. Instead of the one Latin Christian Church of 1517, several national churches and various smaller church organizations went their divergent ways.

In what remained of Latin Christendom, the Baroque cultural movement (1550-1750) evolved into the Rococo (1725-75). If possible, Rococo art and architecture were even busier, gaudier, and more elaborate and sentimental that the Baroque. The heavenly hosts at Yahweh’s command, the legions of angels whom Jesus could have called upon to easily destroy their Roman counterparts, were reduced by artists to hordes of small, fat, infantile cherubs. These cultural creators aimed to assure us that life on Earth should be—and in Heaven would be—a movement between a perpetual dessert buffet and soft pillows; that is, the fulfillment of all the dreams of Bacchus, Venus, and their human minions.

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