Thursday, September 29, 2022

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has a relatively uniform length west to east for two reasons. One, it begins at the Strait of Gibraltar which is only 9 miles (14 km) wide. Two, the Levantine coast on its eastern shore runs north to south in a relatively uniform way as it stretches from the Bay of Iskenderun to the city of Gaza. So, as a representative measure of length from west to east, from the Strait of Gibraltar to port of Beirut, the Mediterranean Sea is 2,316 miles (3,727 km) long.

The Mediterranean’s width varies greatly north to south and from:
Marseille to Algiers is 464 miles (746 km),
Genoa to Tunis is 528 miles (849 km),
Syracuse to Tripoli is 313 miles (504 km),
Venice to Durres is 456 miles (735 km) and
Durres to Bengazi is 630 miles (1,013 km), for total of 1,086 miles (1,748 km), and
Antalya to Alexandria is 400 miles (644 km).

The Mediterranean covers 970,000 square miles (2,500,000 sq km).

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