Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Dniester River and Southern Slavian Boundary

The Dniester River starts in the Carpathian Mountains near the village of Vovche (Ukraine near the Polish border) and flows southeast 840 miles (1,352 km) along the north side of those mountains to the Black Sea.

From the Dacian point of view, the Dniester forms the boundary of Dacia with Slavia to the northeast. It also forms part of the boundary of Dacia with Polonia to the northwest.

From the Slavian point of view, the southern border of Slavia, from east to west, begins with the Volga Delta on the Caspian Sea, then crosses the Caucasian Peninsula to the Don Delta on the Sea of Azov, continues to the Dnieper Delta then the Dniester Delta on the Black Sea, then goes up the Dniester to its Seret River tributary near the village of Kasperivtsi. The Seret River, on which the city of Ternopil is located, forms the southern portion of Slavia’s western boundary with Polonia.

By road, it is:
479 miles (773 km) from Volga Delta (Astrakhan) to Don Delta (Rostov),
376 miles (606 km) from Don Delta to Dnieper Delta (Kherson),
175 miles (282 km) from Dnieper Delta to Dniester Delta (Palanca),
Subtotal: 1030 miles (1658 km) from Volga to Dniester Delta,
343 miles (553 km) from Dniester Delta to Kasperivtsi (village at Dniester/Seret confluence).
Total distance of southern boundary of Slavia:1,373 miles (2,211 km).

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