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Slavia is a Latin word meaning “land of the Slavs.”
This geocultural province includes parts of today’s Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Things related to this province are Slavic.
North: Baltic Sea (Gulf of Finland) from the mouth of the Narva River east to the Neva River, Lake Ladoga, Svir River, Lake Onega, Lake Beloya, Sheksna River, Rybinsk Reservoir, Volga River as far as Yaroslavl.
East: Volga River from Yaroslavl to the mouth of the Kuma River on the Caspian Sea.

To the north and east lies the area of Incognita we call Asia.
South: Kuma River from its mouth on the Caspian Sea west then south to the point nearest the city of Cherkessk on the Kuban River, then north and west along the Kuban River to the Sea of Azov, Crimea, then the Black Sea to the mouth of the Dniester River.

To the south lie that area of Incognita we call Persia and the geocultural province of Anatolia.
West: The Dniester River (Black Sea to headwaters).
Bug River (from its headwaters east of Lviv to Brest).
Neman River (various tributaries running north and south).
Velikaya River, Lake Peipsi, and Narva River to the Gulf of Finland.

To the west lie the geocultural provinces of Dacia and Polonia.
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