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Latium. Usually the land of this geocultural province is referred to as Italy. We can’t use that name for our study of history because it’s the name of a modern country. Historically, the most significant ethnic group in this province was the Latini. The ancient Romans belonged to them. They called their land Latium. This geocultural province also includes the large islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily.

North: Arno and Rubicon rivers.
During the Roman Republic, the Rubicon formed part of the boundary between the Roman provinces of Italy (referred to here as Latium) and Cisalpine Gaul (which we refer to as Noricum). The Rubicon lies just south of Ravenna.

To the north: Noricum.

East: Mediterranean (Adriatic) Sea.

To the east: Noricum and Hellas.

South: Mediterranean (Ionian) Sea.

To the south: Carthaginia.

West: Mediterranean (Tyrrhenian) Sea.

To the west, across the Mediterranean Sea: Iberia.

Major cities

Primary: Rome

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