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Gallia was the Roman name for most of this geographic area. It includes today’s France and Belgium and those parts of today’s Netherlands and Germany which lie west of the Rhine. Things relating to this province are Gallic; its people, Gauls.


North: English Channel and North Sea.

North of it: Britannia.

East: Rhine, Saône, Rhone rivers. In more detail:
Rhine River from the North Sea south to Basel,
Contemporary canal from the Rhine near Basel to the Saône near Dijon
Saône to the Rhone at Lyon
Rhone to the Mediterranean Sea.

East of them: Germania and Noricum.

South: Mediterranean Sea and crest of the Pyrenees.

South of the Pyrenees: Iberia.

West: Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay)

To the west: Incognita (Oceania)

Major cities

Primary: Paris

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