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Numidia was the name of an ancient North African kingdom which, at its greatest extent, stretched from Morocco to Libya. The people of Numidia were Berbers. We will use Numidia as the name for the geocultural province includes the narrow coastal ribbon of habitable land in today's Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, and western Libya.
North: Mediterranean Sea from the Strait of Gibraltar to the town of El Agheila (Al Uqaylah) at the southern point of the Gulf of Sidra.
To the north across the Mediterranean Sea: Iberia, Gallia, Noricum, and Latium.
East: El Agheila south 75 mi (120 km) to the oasis of Marada.
To the east: Egypt.
South: From the Atlantic port of Azemmour east via Casablanca, Meknes, Fes, and Oujda (south of the Rif Mountains), then continuing along the coastal plain between the Atlas Mountains, or the uninhabited desert, and the Mediterranean Sea to El Agheila.
To the south: Incognita (Sahara).
West: Atlantic coast from the mouth of the Oum Er-Rbia River, at the port of Azemmour, to the Strait of Gibraltar.
To the west: Incognita (Oceania).
Major cities
Primary: Casablanca.
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