Friday, August 19, 2022

The Celtic Isles

For our purposes, we may more rightly refer to the British Isles as the Celtic Isles. In ancient times, the Britons were only one of three important groups of Celts living on the Isles.

The Celtic Isles consist of two large islands plus numerous much smaller ones. The Britons along with the Caledonians lived on the larger one of the two. Rather than calling that larger island (Great) Britain, we may refer to by its other ancient name as Albion. The smaller of the two large islands we may rightly call Hibernia.

So we have two large Celtic Isles: Albion, divided into Britannia (south) and Caledonia (north) at Hadrian’s Wall, and Hibernia.

North: Incognito (Oceania; specifically, the North Atlantic Ocean).
East: North Sea, then Scandia.
South: English Channel (including the Strait of Dover), then Gallia.
West: Incognita (Oceania; specifically, the North Atlantic Ocean).

Major cities
Primary: London (Britannia).
Secondary: Edinburgh (Caledonia), Dublin (Hibernia).

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