Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pluto's Smile, Yahweh's Plan

Olympianity has displaced Christianity as Western Civilization’s worldview. Consequently, the values of Pluto, false god of money, have displaced those we read in the Bible and find expressed by David in Psalm 12. 

David cries for help from Yahweh. When David complains about the absence of godly and faithful people, he means people loyal to, speaking about, and living the words of Yahweh (v. 1). 

One sign that tufluvian witnesses to Yahweh are missing is all the lies: the outright falsehoods, the flattering words intended to cover vicious plans, and the boasting. 

All this lying has its purpose: to acquire the wealth that belongs to others. Worse, to steal wealth from those who are weaker. The words of falsehood, flattery, and arrogance serve to lull, trick, or silence the victims and justify the thieves (vs. 2-4). Pluto loves the lies being told and harm being done in his name. 

In absolute contrast, Yahweh sees the parasitism of the powerful. He hears the pleas of the powerless and commits himself to protecting them (v. 5). David witnesses to his hope, his joyful confidence, in Yahweh first by affirming that Yahweh does what he says (v. 6). He then reaffirms Yahweh’s enduring protection of those who rely on him (v. 7). David witnesses to Yahweh’s unfailing commitment despite both the ongoing aggressiveness of the powerful and the Plutonian context which praises and justifies it (v. 8). 

Today increasingly fewer people control increasingly greater wealth. They use their increasing control of the Olympian media to justify their increasing exploitation of an increasing number of people. Pluto could not be happier. But while Pluto harbors pretentions to divinity and his elite minions exalt in the power he gives them, Yahweh alone is truly divine and soon enough will vindicate both his own name and those who trust in him (vs. 7-8). 

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