Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Time of Revelation

In the beginning, when God created Heaven and Earth, God created time as well. We first knew that God-created time. Then came the Fall and with it our lost time as sinners—what we now know as history. But with Jesus Christ we may know a third time, revelation time, fulfilled time. Revelation time is real time because it is a real present with a real past time of expectation in the Old Testament and a real future time of recollection in the New Testament.

Because God revealed himself to us, Jesus Christ is the Lord of time. When we confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, we become contemporaries of him. Our lifetime ceases to be solely or even primarily lost time. Our time is no longer our own to use as we see fit because it is now claimed by him as our Lord. As we participate in real time, we discover that the history of our times belongs to ancient history, to the old world with its lost time which is passing away. Our times are now determined primarily by the real time of our Lord even though our old lost time, though limited, still continues through God's patience and for our enduring watchfulness.

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