Thursday, July 25, 2019

God the Father and Creator

The apostles testify that Jesus Christ is Lord. But Jesus Christ understands himself as the one sent by God the Father to represent and manifest his lordship. Contrary to all others who claim control or to be in control, God the Father alone is truly Lord because he alone is free over the power of death. God the Father exists as Creator because he alone initiates our existence, he alone sustains us in life at every moment, and he alone decides at what moment to carry us through death to eternal life.

We may know of God, of God as Creator and, as such, of God as our Father because Jesus Christ revealed him to us. And Jesus Christ could reveal God as Creator and Father in relation to us because that is who God is beforehand in relation to himself. We know God, in his first way of being God, as Father because it is as Father that God is the source of God the Son and, with the Son, of God the Holy Spirit. God could be Creator of heaven and earth because he was first the origin of the Son and the Spirit.

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