Friday, July 26, 2019

Faith in God the Creator

Only through faith in Jesus Christ may we confess that God the Father Almighty is Creator of Heaven and Earth. To begin with, we only learn about the Father and Creator through the Son and Reconciler by the power of the Spirit and Redeemer. Furthermore, God the Creator is God the Father of Jesus Christ. God the Father begets the Son and with the Son posits the Holy Spirit. God the Father as Creator posits creation, or all that exists which is not God, in an analogous way. Conversely, it is only as the Father of the Son in the unity of the Holy Spirit that God reveals himself to us as Creator. Finally, God acts as Creator, not only once in the beginning, but every moment ever since. This action too is analogous only to his eternal begetting of the Son.

In making this confession, we may affirm that God could exist without the world but the world cannot exist without God. This makes creation an absolutely free expression of his love. Therefore God as Creator always relates to us in sovereign love while we always relate to him as creatures dependent upon and defined by his love.

God created Heaven and Earth. Heaven is distinct from Earth. Heaven is invisible and above and superior to Earth while Earth is visible and below and subordinate to Heaven. Both are equal in dignity in relation to God and as established in this order by God. All that is not God is Heaven and Earth in their differentiated unity. Man alone stands at the intersection and as the unity of both Heaven and Earth because the eternal Son and Word chose to become a human being rather than an angel or animal. And Jesus Christ is the center and epitome of all that we confess God made when we call him Creator.

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