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Ussher: Jesus Christ (5 BC-AD 33)

     6 BC: The angel Gabriel announces to the priest Zechariah in Jerusalem that his wife Elizabeth will give birth to a son. He is to be named John and he will serve Yahweh in the spirit and power of Elijah (6025).
     5 BC: The angel Gabriel announces to Mary in Nazareth of Galilee that she will conceive a son by the power of the Holy Spirit. She is to name him Jesus (6039).
     Mary hurries to the home of her cousin Elizabeth in the city of Hebron (6040).
     John is born (6043).
     Caesar Augustus orders a census to be taken of the whole Roman world (6049).
     December [25]: Joseph takes Mary his wife to register in Bethlehem. While there, Mary gives birth to Jesus (6057).
     4 BC: January: Wise men from the East pay homage to newborn Jesus in Bethlehem (6060).
     February: Forty days after the birth of Jesus, Mary goes to the Temple in Jerusalem to make the sacrifice required by the Law (6061). Afterward, she and Joseph return with Jesus to their home in Nazareth (6063).
     An angel warns Joseph to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt (6064). Herod, thinking Jesus is still in Bethlehem, sends soldiers there who kill all the children aged two years and younger to make sure they get Jesus (6065).
     November 25: Herod dies (6080).
     3 BC: An angel tells Joseph of Herod’s death and that it is safe to return (6084). He leads his family to Nazareth (6085).
     AD 1: The first Year of the Lord [Jesus] as determined by the monk Dionysius the Humble in 512. He created this new way of numbering years both to honor Jesus and to stop the practice of dating years from the beginning of the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian who persecuted Christians so badly.
     8: Joseph and Mary bring their son Jesus with them when they travel to Jerusalem to observe the Passover. After the festival, Joseph and Mary leave the city assuming their son is with their group. When they realize he isn’t, they search for him. After three days, they find Jesus in the Temple (6185).
     9: Ovid is banished from Rome by Caesar Augustus (6187) aged 51 (6188).
     14, August 19: Caesar Augustus dies (6205).
     17: Ovid dies (6218).
     26: Pontius Pilate becomes the Roman procurator of Judea (6279).
     October 19: John the Baptist begins preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins (Mark 1:4, New American Standard Version). This was the Day of Atonement and beginning of a Year of Jubilee (6283).
     27: John baptizes Jesus (6288).
     30: Jesus begins his public ministry (6302).
     Jesus goes to Jerusalem for the Passover for the first time since beginning his public ministry (6303). He drives the money changers and their oxen, sheep, and doves from the Temple (6304). He also speaks to Nicodemus who comes to him at night (6306).
     Herod the tetrarch unjustly throws John the Baptist into prison (6311). When Jesus hears of this, he leaves Judea for Galilee after having preached there for about eight months (6312). On his return, he converts a Samaritan woman (6313).
     31: After his rejection in Nazareth, Jesus moves to Capernaum (6318). He then calls Peter, Andrew, James, and John as his first disciples (6325). Jesus returns to Jerusalem for the second Passover since his public ministry began (6332). After returning to Galilee, Jesus preaches what is called his Sermon on the Mount (6338). He sends his twelve apostles out in pairs (6357).
     32: John the Baptist is executed (6362). Jesus returns to Jerusalem for the third Passover during his public ministry (6369). Peter confesses that Jesus is the Christ (6378). Soon Jesus is transfigured before Peter, James, and John (6379).
     33: Jesus brings Lazarus back to life (6428). Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph (6439). On April 2, he celebrates his fourth Passover and last supper with his disciples (6454). Jesus is arrested in a garden called Gethsemane (6462).
     April 3, 9 am: Jesus is crucified (6474). 3 pm: Jesus dies (6479).
     April 5: The resurrection of Jesus Christ (6484).
     May 14: Jesus ascends into Heaven (6505).
     May 24: The Holy Spirit descends on the disciples on Pentecost (6510).

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