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Ussher: Dates from the Book of Judges (1405-1095 BC)

     Notes on James Ussher, The Annals of the World (1658):
     1443 BC: Joshua dies aged 110 just as Joseph did (Gen. 50:26; Josh 23:1, 24:29-30) (P340).
     1413 BC marks the beginning of the calamitous period of the Judges (Jud. 17:1-21:25). First, Cushan, king of Mesopotamia, seizes control of Israel for 8 years (Jud. 2:7, 3:6-8) (P341).
     1405 BC: Yahweh raises up Othniel, son-in-law of Joshua (Josh. 15:17, Jud. 1:31), as Israel’s first judge. He liberates Israel from Cushan’s control and the land then rests for 40 years ((Jud. 3:9-11) (P342).
     1343 [1364?] BC: After Othniel and his generation die, Israel again abandons Yahweh. Yahweh delivers Israel into the hands of its enemies a second time. This time Eglon, king of Moab, dominates it for 18 years (Jud. 3:12-14) (P345).
     1325 [1346?] BC: Yahweh raises up Ehud (second judge), of the tribe of Benjamite, who rescues Israel. There is again peace for 40 years (Jud. 3:15, 30) (P346).
     1305 BC: After Ehud dies, Jabin of Hazar dominates Israel for 20 years (3rd oppression) (Jud. 4:1-3) (P349).
     1285 BC: While Deborah is judge of Israel, Barak leads Israel to victory against the army of Jabin commanded by Sisera. The land rests for 40 years (Jud. 4-5) (P351).
     1252 [1245] BC: Israel sins and is dominated by the Midianites for 7 years (4th oppression) (Jud. 6:1) (P354).
     1245 BC: Gideon rescues Israel and the land has peace for 40 years (Jud. 6-8) (P356).
     1236 BC: Abimelech, son of Gideon, covets kingship and murders the other 70 sons of his father (Jud. 9:15, 18, 24, 56) (P357).
     1235 BC: Abimelech’s rule is condemned by Jotham, youngest son of Gideon, who somehow escaped the slaughter (Jud. 9) (P358).
     1233 BC: Abimelech is killed (Jud. 9:50-54, 2 Sam. 11:21). Tola of Issachar then judges Israel for 23 years (Jud. 10:1-2) (P360).
     1214 BC: Eli, priest at Shiloh, is born. He dies at the age of 98 in 1116 (1 Sam. 4:15).
     1210 BC: Tola dies and Jair of Gilead judges Israel east of the Jordan River for 22 years (Jud. 10:1-3).
     1206 BC: The Philistines and Ammonites oppress Israel for 18 years (5th oppression).
     [1198] BC: The Ammonites defeat the tribes of Israel beyond the Jordan. They then cross the Jordan and attack Ephraim, Benjamin, and Judah after they have already been weakened by the Philistines (Jud. 10:8) (P367).
     1188 BC: Jephthah leads Israel against the Ammonites and defeats them. To honor a rash vow he made to Yahweh, Jephthah offers his daughter to Yahweh as a burnt offering. Ephraim later picks a fight with Jephthah and ends up losing 42,000 of its own men. Jephthah judges Israel for six years (Jud. 11:1-12:7) (P371).
     1184 BC: The fall of Troy (P372).
     1181 BC: Ibzan of Bethlehem judges Israel for seven years (Jud. 12:7-9) (P373).
     1175 BC: Elon of Zebulun judges Israel for ten years (Jud. 12:10-11) (P374).
     1165 BC: Abdon of Ephraim judges Israel for eight years (Jud. 12:12-14) (P377).
     1157 BC, the third month (Sivan): After the death of Abdon (Jud. 12:15), Eli, the high priest, became a judge in Israel for 40 years (1 Sam. 4:18). When Israel again abandoned Yahweh, he abandoned Israel to the Philistines (Jud. 13:1) (6th oppression). It ended seven months after the death of Eli, with the return of the Ark of the Covenant to Israel (P378).
     1156 BC: An angel appears to the wife of Manoah and tells her that, though she has been barren, she will bear a son who will begin to deliver Israel from Philistine control (Jud. 13:5) (P378).
     1155 BC: Samson is born (Jud. 13:24-25). He torments the Philistines for 20 years (Jud. 15:20) (P380).
     1137 BC: Samson also becomes a judge of Israel aged 22 (Jud. 14:4). His Philistine bride betrays him and he kills 30 men of Ashkelon in response (P382).
     1136 BC: Samson avenges himself when his wife is given to another man in marriage (Jud. 15:1-20).
     1117 BC: Samson dies after being a judge in Israel for 20 years (Jud. 16:30-31) (P384).
     1116 BC: Philistines capture the Ark of the Covenant and kill Eli’s two sons. He dies when he receives the news (1 Sam 4:1-22) (P386).
     1096 BC: 20 years after the Philistines return the Ark to Israel, Yahweh saves Israel from Philistine oppression under the leadership of Samuel (1 Sam. 7:10-14) (P390).
     1095 BC: Saul becomes the first king of Israel and rules for 40 years (P391).

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