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Ussher's Second Age: The Flood to the Call of Abraham (2348-1921 BC)

     This again is a summary of Annals of the World (1654) by James Ussher. I wrote and share it with you so that we might both benefit from a careful reading of the historical and chronological data given to us in the Bible. It will help us to better understand the biblical point of view and to witness with greater clarity to Jesus in our day.
     2348 BC: Friday, October 23: the first day of the world after the Flood. Noah is 601 years old. The Earth has dried and Noah removes the covering over the Ark (Gen. 8:13) (Paragraph [P]40).
     Thursday, December 18: Yhwh calls Noah, his family, and all the animals with him to leave the Ark (Gen. 8:14, 15, 19) (P41).
     2346 BC: Shem is 100 years old when his son Arphaxad is born two years after the Flood (Gen. 11:10) (P44).
     2311 BC: Arphaxad is 35 years old when his son Salah is born (Gen. 11:12) (P45).
     2281 BC: Salah is 30 years old when his son Eber is born (Gen. 11:14). Eber is the ancestor of all Hebrews (P46).
     2247 BC: Eber is 34 years old when his son Peleg (“Division”) is born (Gen. 11:16). The boy was given the name “Division” because in his days the Earth was divided (Gen. 10:25). Noah divided the land between his grandsons.
     Before taking control of their lands, these grandsons and their families migrated from the mountains of Ararat to the Valley of Shinar (Gen. 11:2). There they started to build a great tower to the heavens to make a name for themselves. Yhwh, however, confused their language and scattered them abroad. The tower came to be known as Babel (Gen. 11:9) and its city Babylon. Scattered abroad, the grandsons of Noah and their families settled in their lands according to their languages (P47).
     2234 BC: Babylon would be captured by Alexander the Great in 331 BC or in 1903 years. Babylon lies in the land of Nimrod which was named after that mighty warrior (Gen. 10:8-10, 1 Chr. 1:10; cf. Jer. 5:15, Mic. 5:6). According to Josephus, it was Nimrod who built Babylon and organized the construction of the tower there (P49).
     2188 BC: The Egyptian state is founded and continues for 1663 years until conquered by Persia in 525 BC. It was in this year that Mizraim, son of Ham, son of Noah, led his family into the land of the Nile. This is why Egypt is sometimes referred to in the Bible as both the land of Ham and of Mizraim (Ps. 105:23, 27; 106:21-22) (P51).
     2126 BC: Terah, father of Abraham, is born (Gen. 11:24) (P54).
     2056 BC: Terah’s oldest son Haran is born when he is aged 70 (Gen. 11:26) (P58).
     1998 BC: Noah dies at the age of 950 (Gen. 9:29) (P62).
     1996 BC: Abra[ha]m is born. He was 75 when his father Terah died aged 205 (Gen. 11:32; 12:1, 4; Acts 7:4) (P63).
     1986 BC: Sarai, daughter of Haran, is born (Gen. 11:29-30, 17:17) (P64).
     1925 BC: Chedorlaomer, king of Elam, conquers Sodom, Gomorrah, Zoar, and other cities. He controls them for 12 years (Gen. 14:1, 2, 4) (P68).
     1922 BC: Yhwh calls Abram out of the city of Ur of the Chaldeans (Gen. 11:1-32, 15:7; Jos 24:2, 3; Neh. 9:7; Acts 7:2-4; cf. Dan. 2:2,10; 4:7; 5:11). Abram leaves with his father Terah, wife Sarai, and Lot (son of the deceased brother of Terah named Haran). Together they make it as far as (the city of) Haran. There Terah dies aged 205 (Gen. 11:31-32) (P70).

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