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Ussher's First Age: Creation to Flood (4004-2348 BC)


1. First Age: 4004-2348 BC (Creation to Flood)
2. Second Age: 2348-1921 BC (Flood to Call of Abraham)
3. Third Age: 1921-1491 BC (The Call of Abraham to the Exodus)
4. Fourth Age: 1491-1012 BC (The Exodus to the Foundation of the First Temple)
5. Fifth Age: 1012-588 BC (Foundation of the First Temple to Its Destruction)
6. Sixth Age: 588-4 BC (Destruction of the First Temple to the Birth of Jesus Christ)
7. Seventh Age: 4 BC-AD 70 (Birth of Jesus Christ to the Destruction of the Third Temple) (2)

     1004 BC: Solomon completed the first temple 3,000 years after creation (Paragraph 7 in Ussher's Annals of the World)
     4 BC: birth of Jesus Christ, 4,000 years after creation (P7)
     AD 1, midnight, January 1: 4003 years, 70 days, 6 hours after creation (P7)
     512: Dionysius Exiguus, a monk, abandons the use of the first year of the reign of Diocletian and replaces it with the year of our Lord; i.e, with AD and BC (P10).

First Age: 4004-2348 BC (Creation to Flood)
     4004 BC: Sunday, October 23, in the middle of which God created light (Gen. 1:1-5; cf. Job 38:7 [angels singing]) (P1, 2). The first day of creation started at 6 pm the evening before. “And there was evening and there was morning, the first day” (Gen. 1:5b, English Standard Version).
     Monday, October 24: second day (Gen. 1:6-8) (P3).
     Tuesday, October 25: third day (Gen. 1:9-13) (P4).
     Wednesday, October 26: fourth day (Gen. 1:14-19) (P5).
     Thursday, October 27: fifth day (Gen. 1:20-23) (P6).
     Friday, October 28: sixth day. On this day, God creates man, male and female, in his image (Gen. 1:24-31) (P7).
     Saturday, October 29: seventh day. God rests on this first Sabbath (Gen. 2:1-3; cf. Ex. 31:13, 17; Heb. 4:4, 9, 10) (P8).
     Sunday, October 30: eighth day.
     Monday, October 31: ninth day.
     Tuesday, November 1: tenth day. “It is very probable, that Adam was turned out of paradise the same day that he was brought into it. This seems to have been on the 10th day of the world. (November 1st)” (P11). Later it became the Day of Atonement (Lev. 23:27) and of the annual fast referred to by the apostle Paul (Acts 27:9) (P13).
     On this day, the Devil tempts the woman through a serpent (Gen. 3:1-4). Consequently, he was later referred to as “that ancient serpent” (Rev. 12:9, 20:2) (P10).
     Yhwh assured the Devil that one day the seed of the woman would crush his head (Gen. 3:15). This promised was fulfilled by Jesus Christ (1 John 3:8, Rom. 16:20) (P10).
     4003 BC: birth of Cain (Gen. 4:1).
     3874 BC: birth of Seth (Gen. 4:25). Adam and Eve are both aged 130 (Gen. 5:3) (P13).
     3382 BC: birth of Enoch (Gen. 5:18) (P18).
     3074 BC: Death of Adam aged 930 (Gen. 5:5) (P21).
     3017 BC: Enoch, aged 365 years, does not die but is taken by God (Gen. 5:24, Heb. 11:5) (P22).
     2962 BC: Death of Seth aged 912 (Gen. 5:8) (P23).
     2948 BC: Birth of Noah (Gen. 5:29) (P24).
     2469 BC: Yhwh calls Noah, as a preacher of righteousness for the sake of repentance, 120 years before the Flood (Gen. 6:3, 1 Pt. 3:20, 2 Pt. 2:5) (P29).
     2448 BC: When Noah is 500 years old, his first son Japheth is born (Gen. 5:32, 10:21) (P30).
     2446 BC: Two years later, Noah’s second son Shem is born (Gen. 11:10) (P31).
     2349 BC: Death of Methuselah aged 969 years—longest living human (Gen. 5:27) (P33).
     2349 BC: Sunday, November 30: Yhwh warns Noah that he must enter the Ark in a week. The world is oblivious to the impending catastrophe (Gen. 7:1, 4, 10; Mt. 24:38) (P34).
     Sunday, December 7: In his 600th year, Noah enters the Ark with his family and a pair of every kind of animal. It rains for 40 days and 40 nights and afterward the Earth remains flooded for 150 days (Ge 7:4, 6, 11-13, 17, 24) (P35).
     2348 BC: Wednesday, May 6: The Ark comes to rest on the mountains of Ararat (Gen. 8:3-4) (P36).
     Sunday, July 19: Land—the tops of mountains—is seen for the first time since the Flood began (Gen. 8:5) (P37).
     Friday, August 28: After 40 days, Noah opens a window and sends out a raven (Gen. 8:6-7) (P38).
     Friday, September 4: Noah sends out a dove but she returns (Gen. 8:8).
     Friday, September 11: Noah sends her out once again. Later that evening she returns with an olive leaf in her bill (Gen. 8:10-11).
     Friday, September 18: After Noah sends her out a third time, she does not return (Gen. 8:12) (P39).

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