Friday, June 10, 2016

Today's Deadly Technocratic Rivalries

The Global Technological System (GTS) is a worldwide system combining all available technologies into one integrated whole. It controls virtually all human beings, societies, cultures, and ecosystems on the planet and regards them as nothing more than means to its own ends or as resources to be exploited.
That is why the GTS is parasitic. Worse, it has now grown so large that it is the most life-threatening challenge ever faced by humankind.
It is also increasingly unstable. This instability will soon lead to some kind of systemic collapse which will be catastrophic.
This GTS is all about power. It is the best-ever embodiment of humankind’s lust for power. True to its own nature, it concentrates increasingly more power in the hands of increasingly fewer people.
These fewer people are today’s global rulers. They are technological aristocrats or technocrats. They are people who know how to use the GTS to exploit everyone and all else.
These technocrats, however, do not enjoy perfect unity. The GTS is all about control. Each individual technocrat is committed to increasing the power of the GTS as well as his share in it. To increase his own share, each individual technocrat must unite with some technocrats to oppose others. The goal of each coalition of technocrats, of course, is to destroy the power of all other coalitions. Then the goal of each remaining technocrat will be to fight for control of the one remaining coalition.
[Let us digress for a moment and note that these technocratic rulers are no more wicked than other people. Like almost every other person on the planet, they are primarily Olympians; that is, they devote themselves primarily to the six conventional gods of Olympianity: the gods of politics, war, technology, sex, money, and consumption. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be rulers.
We err, then, when we think that if we put good people in their place, the world would be a better place. The problem is with the GTS itself. It is parasitic and unstable regardless of which technocrats serve it as rulers of us. Moreover, if we as Christians were made part of the ruling elite, we would fail to make the GTS Christian. It would simply make us Olympian. What we Christians need to do is to create a meaningful alternative to the GTS.]
In 1950, there were two primary coalitions of technocrats: American and Soviet. American technocrats dominated their coalition. That coalition consisted of all technocrats in North America, South America, “Western” Europe, almost all of Africa, and Asia outside of the Soviet Union and China; in other words, technocrats in almost the whole world. Soviet technocrats dominated their coalition of technocrats which included those from eastern European countries and, sporadically, Africa.
I speak about American technocrats rather than America because, while these technocrats may be American, they do not represent America, do not care about the American economy, and are as willing to exploit their fellow Americans as they are the citizens of any other country. Instead, they care only for the power of their coalition relative to that of rival coalitions.
In December 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed. With that, the American coalition of technocrats began their domination of the formerly rival Soviet coalition. For the next ten years, no coalition of technocrats would rival that of the Americans.
Circumstances changed. By 2010, while the American coalition of technocrats was still the most powerful, rival coalitions were growing in power at its expense. While still the most powerful, the coalition led by American technocrats was growing less powerful relative to two other coalitions: a Russian one and a Chinese one.
American technocrats faced a choice. They could accept cooperation with, but also competition from, two weaker but rival coalitions. Or they could attempt to destroy both rival coalitions before they gained enough power, separately or together, to be a challenge.
American technocrats chose to attempt to destroy rival Russian and Chinese coalitions of technocrats. This is a fight to the death. Either the American coalition of rulers will crush its Russian and Chinese opponents or it will cease to be a ruling coalition.
This decision will have catastrophic consequences for human beings, societies, cultures, and ecosystems worldwide. At this moment, only God knows how horrific.
Jesus Christ invites us today to join him, with one another, in responding to this great foolishness with as much truth, freedom, love, and vitality as possible.

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