Saturday, June 11, 2016

Certain Economic Collapse and Looming Nuclear War

The Global Technological System (GTS) is the greatest threat to ever confront a hapless humankind. Today, Jesus Christ is inviting you and me to join him in responding creatively to this threat.
One way we may do this is by developing rigorous realism or an increasingly accurate understanding of reality. Only through his words of truth may we find the wisdom, strength, courage, and good cheer to face an increasingly frightening reality.
Only with Jesus as our foundation may we acknowledge that the destructive consequences of the GTS are surprisingly numerous, massive, and varied. Perhaps the two worst consequences are the impending disaster of economic collapse and the looming catastrophe of nuclear war.

The GTS itself concentrates ever-increasing power in the hands of ever-fewer people. These ever-fewer technocratic elites, however, are not free to do whatever they want to do. They can only act in ways which increase the power of the GTS itself, the ruling class in general, and their own technocratic coalition in particular. Should any individual technocrat fail to do so, he would soon find himself cast into the outer darkness with the rest of us.
With these imperatives in mind—increase power of GTS, ruling class, and coalition—today’s ruling class of technocrats acts to strip human beings, countries, economies, societies, ecosystems, and other social classes, of all their wealth.
Unfortunately, this has led to the development of a global economic system on the verge of disastrous collapse. Disastrous, that is, for the rest of us. The elites, sadly enough, will prosper from it.
Make no mistake about it. While elites will benefit from it, this economic collapse will be disastrous for the rest of us. This disaster, moreover, will be worse than the Great Depression; in fact, it may rival the collapse of the western Roman Empire in the 400s.
As disastrous as this economic collapse will surely be, and soon, its destruction will be negligible compared to the catastrophe of nuclear war which one coalition of the ruling class is working hard to cause.
The GTS empowers a tiny number of technocrats to rule the world. These technocrats, however, valuing power as they do, compete with one another over it. This has led to the development of mutually hostile coalitions within the ruling class.
Right now, the strongest coalition is led by American technocrats. Two emerging coalitions are led by Russian and Chinese technocrats respectively.
American technocrats have made a terrible decision. Rather than cooperating with, competing with, and perhaps someday being significantly challenged by the Russian and Chinese coalitions, American technocrats have decided to destroy them.
American technocrats have already implemented a variety of means to destroy Russia. Their worst idea, however, is to threaten Russian technocratic elites with a nuclear attack. They seem to think that they could survive Russian nuclear retaliation and that their rule in that post-apocalyptic world, without a Russian elite to complete with, would be worth creating such a world. So much for the rest of us and God’s good creation.

In prayerful response, let all of us, whom Jesus has called to serve as prophetic witnesses to him, listen as Jesus tells us how we might join him in responding creatively to certain economic disaster and looming nuclear catastrophe.

Copyright © 2016 by Steven Farsaci.
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