Saturday, October 31, 2015

Freedom: Olympian or Christian With No Neutral Third Option

Let us recall that we each have two distinct and opposing personalities: one, Olympian; the other, Christian. Our Olympian personality is formed in terms of the six false gods of Olympianity. Our Christian personality is formed in terms of the one true god of truth, freedom, love, and vitality.

With this understanding in mind, we may right away dismiss perhaps the most common misunderstanding of freedom. We commonly misunderstand freedom when we think of ourselves as having only one personality which is then free to decide, at each moment, whether to do something good or something bad. In the old days this misunderstanding would be illustrated with a little angel on one shoulder encouraging someone to be good and a little demon on the other shoulder enticing that same person to be bad. This misunderstanding has our personality in a neutral third position and choosing, from one moment to the next, whether to be good or bad.

In truth, our Olympian personality is resolutely evil and our Christian personality is resolutely good. There is no neutral third position. We have no hidden third personality behind or beneath our Olympian and Christian ones which is choosing at any given moment whether to be good or evil. Instead, we have two opposing personalities fighting over which one at any given moment will be in control of the one mind, heart, mouth, and body they both must share.

This understanding of freedom and personality has implications. It does not mean, for example, that Christians are all good while non-Christians are all evil. It means that all who call themselves Christian still have a resolutely evil Olympian personality as well as a resolutely good Christian one. The same goes for all non-Christians including those who think of themselves as atheists. Every person has two opposing personalities and each personality is structured in terms of either the gods or Jesus.

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