Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TV: The Bible of Olympianity

The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is our normative witness to Jesus Christ.
Jesus talks to us today. All he says to us today, however, is consistent with what he said to the prophets and apostles yesterday.
This means, of course, that to discern and affirm what Jesus is saying to us today, we need to read the Bible. Sadly, we Christians have largely abandoned it.

Worse, we have substituted watching television for reading the Bible. The average American watches five hours of television each day. Television, however, is an intensely Olympian medium of communication. In fact, television programming and ads are the Bible of Olympianity.
The question is: which Bible are we Christians freely immersing ourselves in? If it’s the Olympian Bible of TV, then we will think, feel, desire, speak, and act in Olympian ways. Discerning and affirming the words of Jesus will be difficult. We will even interpret the Bible through an Olympian worldview.
If it’s the Bible of Old and New Testaments, then TV programs and ads will largely lose their appeal. Even when we do watch them, we will interpret them from a biblical point of view.
Jesus is calling us today to read the Bible daily, pray (talk with him) about what we read, and discern together what he is saying to us as church through it. He’s also inviting us to reflect on just how much immersion in the Olympian Bible of TV is meaningful.

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