Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jesus vs. Vulcan

In the Bible, Jesus is called the Son of God but he was no Son or servant of Vulcan. If he had been, he could have been born in the great imperial city of Rome and become its master. He would have given Rome the most efficient possible systems of transportation and communication. He would have made it the center of all the arts and entertainments. He would have bent the backs of millions of human beings and stolen the vitality of most of creation to make Rome as glorious as possible.

Instead, Jesus spent time in the wilderness away from any person and every comfort. He talked with familiarity about lilies, birds, foxes, and fish. He lived in rural villages, talked on hillsides, took trips in small boats across big lakes, and got tired, hungry, and thirsty on long walks in the country.

During his ministry, Jesus didn’t follow a tight itinerary and give set speeches to large crowds gathered in stadiums for the purpose. Instead, he focused on individuals and improvised. When he did finally make it to the big city of Jerusalem, Vulcan got him thrown out and crucified!

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