Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jesus vs. Mars

In the New Testament, Jesus is called the Son of God but he was neither a Son of Mars nor his loyal servant.

Jesus witnessed to the true nature of the one odd god by telling us to love our enemies as well as our friends. Why? Because God loves each one of us humans even though, apart from his grace, we adore the six conventional gods who both hate him and work to destroy us.

Nor did Jesus advocate armed revolt. Instead, Jesus encouraged people to disarm Mars, and free others from slavery to him, by going an extra mile—for example—with soldiers of occupation (Matthew 5:41). The first mile was based on coercion: the type of relationship typical of Mars. But the second mile witnessed to a freedom where love could become visible: the type of relationship typical of God.

When entering Jerusalem in triumph, Jesus did so on the back of a donkey of peace rather than on a war horse (Matthew 21:1-11). When threatened with capture by his enemies, Jesus did not call in the twelve legions of angels at his command (Matthew 26:53). Instead, he freely allowed his enemies to treat him as the enemy they wrongly thought he was. He then died in their place and on their behalf. Then Abba, his father and ours, freely chose in love to vindicate him by raising him from the dead (Matthew 28:9-10). No death here, as Mars would want. Only triumphant life!

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