Monday, June 24, 2013

Space and Time

Space. I speak of Olympia as a special place. Olympia includes the lands we call Europe, Southwest Asia, and North Africa.

Olympia is a good space for our purposes. Not only did Olympianity enjoy some of its finest moments here. Olympia has also been home to three other historically significant religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. By focusing on Olympia, we may remember and learn from the interactions of people affirming these different religious traditions.

These interactions happened between people like Abraham and Ephron the Hittite, Moses and Pharaoh, Jesus and Pilate, Salah ad-Din and Richard the Lionheart . We may benefit by reflecting on them no matter where we live. And, by reflecting on them, we may better understand how we might live now as meaningful witnesses to Jesus.

Focusing on Olympia means giving primary attention to the people, places, and events of that fabled land. That land is large enough to provide us with an adequate understanding of Christian witness. At the same time, it may be small enough to allow us to construct an adequate outline of its history.

All this also implies that we will remain relatively ignorant of the people, places, and events belonging to lands outside of Olympia. This is not because they are unimportant. It is only because they lie outside our purposes and limitations.

Time matters too. What boundaries should we choose? Should we go back in time as far as the big-bang beginning of the universe? Or the formation of our galaxy, solar system, or planet? Should we start our discussion with dinosaurs, the end of the last ice age, the beginning of the Middle Ages, the peak of the Victorian era, or some other moment?

Since we are trying to meaningfully witness to Jesus, our starting date will be 4,004 BC. That is the year that Olympia, our world, was created according to the Bible. Mostly, however, we will focus on people living and events occurring since the birth of Abraham about 2,000 BC.

Space and time. For us, our space will be Olympia. In broad terms, that fabled land includes Europe, Southwest Asia, and North Africa. For us, our time will be the last 6,000 years. We will reflect on meaningful people, places, and events that happened in that space during that time.

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