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Olympia: Geocultural Provinces of Britannia, Gallia, Iberia, and Germania

Through the last 6,000 years, the geographic boundaries of these geocultural provinces have remained stable. The societies and cultures within them, however, have changed significantly. By keeping the boundaries of the provinces the same, we’ll be better able to see these social and cultural changes through history.

Britannia was the Roman name for this province. It includes today's Wales as well as England north to Hadrian's Wall. Things relating to this province are Britannic; its people, Britons.

Boundaries: North (N): Hadrian's Wall; East (E): the North Sea; South (S): the English Channel; West (W): the Irish Sea.

Gallia was the Roman name for most of this geographic area. It includes today’s France and Belgium and those parts of today’s Netherlands and Germany which lie west of the Rhine. Things relating to this province are Gallic; its people, Gauls.

Boundaries: N: the English Channel and North Sea; E: the Rhine River from the North Sea south to Basel, then an imaginary line south to the watershed of the Western Alps, continuing south to the Mediterranean Sea; S: the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees; W: the Bay of Biscay.

Iberia. This is an ancient name for the peninsula which includes all of today’s Spain and Portugal as well as the Balearic Islands. Things relating to this province are Iberian; its people, Iberians.

Boundaries: N: the Bay of Biscay and the Pyrenees; E: the Gulf of Leon from the Pyrenees to Cabo de Gata; S: Alboran Sea, Strait of Gibraltar, South Atlantic Ocean; W: South Atlantic Ocean from Cabo de Sao Vicente north to Cabo Mondego, then Mid-Atlantic Ocean to A Coruna; N: the Bay of Biscay and Pyrenees.

Germania was the Roman name for this geographical area. It includes most of today's Netherlands, Germany east of the Rhine and north of the Danube, southwestern Poland, most of the Czech Republic, and a sliver of Austria. Things related to this province are Germanic; its people, Germans.

Boundaries: N: the North and Baltic seas; E: the Oder River and Morava rivers; S: the Danube River; W: the Rhine River.

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