Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yahweh Brooding

In this blog, we give the name "Olympia" to a geographical area encompassing Europe, Southwest Asia, and North Africa. About 800 million people live there today.

Yahweh broods over this whole area and all these people. Every moment of each day, Yahweh actively seeks to nurture and protect each one of these 800,000,000 people. He never overlooks a single person for even an instant. He perpetually loves each one of us more than we can ask or even imagine.

We humans do not make his task—of enhancing the well-being of every human being—a simple one.

Olympianity has always been and still remains the dominant religion of Olympia and the world of which it is a microcosm. Olympians always and everywhere devote themselves to the six conventional yet false and destructive gods of Olympianity. They devote themselves as well to the horribly destructive Global Technological System (GTS) which embodies them and imprisons us. Every single one of us, almost all of the time, devote ourselves to just these gods and their GTS.

Olympianity is the religion of power. The parasitic Olympian gods regard people simply as means of sucking the vitality they need from us and from others through us.

We can see some deadly contrasts between Yahweh and the gods. Yahweh speaks the truth. The gods use words simply as means to gain power. Yahweh sets us free. The gods control us, use us, then throw us away. Yhwh loves us. The gods are completely indifferent to our well-being. Yhwh wants all of us to enjoy great vitality. The gods, like the good parasites that they are, live off the vitality we get each day from Yahweh alone.

Yahweh values freedom, truth, love, and vitality for all. The gods value power and therefore falsehood, indifference, and death for others.

We can also see some deadly contrasts between witnessing to Yahweh and slaving for the gods. When we witness to Yahweh, we share Yahweh’s light, love, and life with others without conditions. When we serve the gods, we give what we have to and take what we can.

Yahweh broods over Olympia. He’s committed to the well-being of every human being. Because all of us serve the Olympian gods almost all the time, all of us pursue our own Olympian well-being at the expense of others almost all of the time. For Yahweh, this is a challenge.

Sadly, Christianity is currently failing as a meaningful alternative to Olympianity. This is because we Christians and our churches have been unwittingly yet fatally compromising with Olympianity for some time and function now merely as denominations of Olympianity. For Yahweh, this also is a challenge.

As his creative response to these chronic challenges, Yahweh continues to invite each one of us Christians and our churches, every day, to share his light, love, and life with others. When we respond to his invitation and do share, he takes our witness with excitement and greatly multiplies the good that it does for others.

Yahweh broods over Olympia. He radically seeks the well-being of everyone without condition. He invites each of us Christians, every day, to care for every other person without condition just as he does—for our good and his glory.

Copyright © 2012 by Steven Farsaci.
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