Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yahweh vs. Vulcan

Yahweh, the one odd god of truth, freedom, love, and vitality, differs absolutely from the six conventional gods of Olympianity. Today we will reflect briefly on how he differs from Vulcan the god of technology.

In the Bible, Vulcan’s greatest work is the city. Vulcan sees cities as his great counter-creation to Yhwh’s good creation. He also sees them as our greatest monument to him.

The founder of the first city was Cain. After Cain murdered his brother Abel, he feared being killed himself. Yahweh assured him otherwise, but Cain refused to find comfort in Yahweh’s true but intangible word. Instead, Cain fled from Yahweh and turned to Vulcan for security by building the first city.

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