Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jesus vs. Pluto

Pluto is the false god of money. Had Jesus been a good son, servant, and model for Pluto, he would have been born into the richest family of the Roman empire. Or at least he would have been the star of an inspiring rags-to-riches story in which he overcomes a thousand disadvantages to become immensely wealthy. Neither occurred.

Following his birth, his parents make the sacrifice prescribed for poor people. We know nothing of how he busied himself during his youth and young adulthood. For all we know he was a starry-eyed dreamer. He later tells his disciples that, unlike foxes or even birds, he has no place to call home.

Never does Jesus show by example that life’s meaning lies in working hard and making sound investments. During his public ministry, he does no work to support himself. He even calls his first disciples away from earning their livelihoods. For them, following him obviously is no road to riches. More likely it will involve suffering they might otherwise easily avoid. Martha works hard but her sister Mary gets the praise.

Jesus mocks the rich for thinking their money is a measure of their virtue. Rather than regarding riches as a sign of Abba’s blessing, Jesus tells a rich young man that his wealth is keeping him out of Abba’s kingdom. Jesus tells the poor, who by Pluto’s standards are lazy, ignorant, and stubborn, that they are the ones whom Abba favors with his kingdom.

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