Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jesus, the Church, and Venus

Like the other Olympian gods, Venus likes to overwhelm our discernment of Jesus’ words with delirium. Delirium is emotional intensity combined with stubborn irrationality.

Biblically, commitment and intimacy, marriage and sexual intercourse, go together. That’s because, biblically, sexual intercourse means the celebration of a relationship that is unconditional, permanent, exclusive, and freely entered into by one man and one woman.

Venus would have us delirious about all this. Rather than having us freely committing ourselves to another human being in a relationship of love, Venus would have us taking the pleasure without giving the commitment. Then she would have us denying the destructive consequences.

We also please Venus when we get so worked up about pre-marital sexual intercourse, divorce, adultery, and homosexuality that we are embarrassed even to speak about them. She also is happy if we regard sexual intercourse in itself as the root of all evil.

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