Friday, August 31, 2012

Genesis 1: Creation as an Ordered Good

In the beginning, God the Father freely chose in love to create Heaven and Earth. He did this through words of truth spoken by God the Son. Those words were instantly made real by God the Spirit.

This creation had three important characteristics. First, God pronounced it very good. Second, this creation was not chaotic and therefore destructive. It was well-ordered and full of vitality. Third, God created this ordered good to serve human beings as the perfect place for them to enjoy relationships of freedom, truth, love, and vitality with him, one another, and the rest of creation.

God then created Adam and Eve, the first two human beings, in his image. In other words, he created them so that they could enjoy a relationship of truth, freedom, love, and vitality with him just as the Father and the Son enjoyed such a relationship through the dynamic love of the Spirit.

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